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Readmissions Analysis

One of the fierce challenges that healthcare industry is facing today is Readmissions management. Many hospitals in the U.S have suffered a 1% reduction in reimbursements due to re-admissions issues and this has created margin pressures as well as damage to their reputations. Most healthcare providers lack the tools required to identify the root causes for readmissions and effectively address clinical and financial performance issues. Many providers seek answers to the following questions:

  • Which of my patients are at risk of readmitting within 30 days of discharge?
  • What is each patient's expected length of stay?
  • How do I reduce/eliminate infections and HAC (Hospital Acquired Conditions)?
  • How do I eliminate physician variability?
  • How do I maximize patient satisfaction while keeping costs down?

 Symphony Analytics, a leading provider of predictive analytics and Big Data computing services, integrates structured and unstructured clinical data with external data sources, and generates key insights to help providers effectively manage readmissions. Our framework leverages analytical models and best in class technology tools to identify high-risk patients and determine preventive actions.


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